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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Customize your Facebook fan page to promote your business or product on Facebook

What’s new in Facebook? You can simply post all sorts of content, photograph or video, but the actual layout and design of your fan pages is the same as everyone using. But you can customize your Facebook Fan Page with new professional look and feel to promote your business on Facebook.
Why Facebook Fan Page?

Facebook is the most popular branding platform with over 750 million users on social media platform. 

Facebook changed the face of online marketing media where people can connect with friends & followers. 

Facebook gets hug success due to his most popular services, are they Facebook Game, Facebook Application and Facebook Site. (Fan Page)

Facebook fan page become the second generation home page for online branding and marketing to improve your business ROI, where you can easily customize your brand or services over Facebook and start broadcasting on social media channel.

Facebook Fan Page is very useful to promote business, services, new products, deals, and gift coupon or company welcome page with attractive branded flash animation, Photo & Video Galleries. Custom Facebook Fan Page is the easiest way to promote your business or services outside of your website to increase your potential customer and brand promotion.

Customize Facebook Fan Page gets advantages to increase more participants on your survey, polls and opinion or Quiz with attractive fan page design. You can integrate real time or third party application on your fan page to make it more interactive with friend and followers.

To increase product sell your can custom Facebook Fan Page e-Commerce Store, from where friends or followers can easily look at your product and buy.

Why Facebook Fan Page?
  • You can customize Facebook Fan Page Designing with Creative Graphics & Flash
  • HTML/CSS with JQuery Slider or Menu also integrate
  • CMS base Facebook Fan Page
  • eCommerce base Facebook Fan Page
  • Flash Animation Support (Banner or Image)
  • Embedded Photos & Videos with respective Galleries
  • Application or Survey or Quiz or Poll Integration*
  • Third Party API or Application Integration*
  • AddThis – Bookmarking & Sharing
  • Contact Us or Inquiry Form Integration with Backend Dashboard*
  • Analytic – Tracking Code Implementation
  • Customize your FB Fan Page URL – (
  • Integration of other Social Media Platforms like Twitter, IN, YouTube, Flickr
  • Integration of Paid & Free FB Applications like: Coupons, RSS Feed, Twitter, Promotion Gallery, Poll & Survey, Badges, Gifts, Social Quiz, Store Location, Music Player, Leader board, Rating & Reviews
  • Integration of Google Translator & Analytic
  • Integration of Account with Twitter to check the Twitter status
  • Integration of Slide Share Account with Facebook so that Client/Visitor can view presentations
  • Google Map integration in Facebook Fan Page
  • Integration of Facebook Ecommerce Application (Payment E-Commerce Storefront)
  • Facebook Likes Button, Recent Activity, Recommendations
  • Real Time Application (Set, Edit, Delete)
 Other Facebook Services Offering
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Facebook Application Development
  • Facebook Game Development
  • Facebook API Integration

.NET Development

The Microsoft dot net is a software framework critical for developing most advanced web based applications. The program allows web developers to develop dynamic applications to link employees, customers and business as well. Equipped with better security features such as user interface, data access, database connectivity, cryptography, web application development, numeric algorithms, and strong network that enables much better monitoring of your business.

The .Net Framework provide developers quite a few advantages such as a developer now has to deal with few lines of code, framework consist of common class libraries and feature-rich application execution environment.

Benefits of Dot net programming
  • Applications are easy to use.  
  • Security configurations
  • Reliable to use
  • Available for cross platform migration
  • High speed dot net development application
Microsoft .NET architecture key features implemented:
  • Microsoft Compliant / .NET design and development guideline.
  • Enterprise Application - N-tier architecture.
  • .NET Remoting Architecture (using TCP/HTTP protocol).
  • Microsoft Message Queuing (MSMQ) for asynchronous message delivery.
  • Active Directory Service Interface (ADSI) for organization level user access control.
  • Windows Services for background processes.
  • Web Services using XML - SOAP/HTTP.
  • Advanced ADO.NET features.
  • Advanced asp net development features.
  • Centralized Exception/Error handling.
  • Ajax Implementation Of .Net.
  • PDF-TO-TIFF Conversion.
  • Web Service Extensions, SOAP customization, XSD usage 
  • Enterprise Services (distributed transactions) 
  • Custom Remoting (marshalling, channeling, security) 
  • Reflection (dynamic emitting of assemblies, CodeDOM, custom attributes, auto generation of Web Service proxy) 
  • AppDomain management (custom assembly resolving), Garbage collection, GAC. 
  • Use of Enterprise Instrumentation Framework 
  • Reporting (Crystal Reports, Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services) 
  • WinForm (custom controls, asynchronous data and message processing, custom designers, XP look-n-feel) 
  • WebForms (custom frameworks, controls, caching, client dhtml-to-webservices collaboration, XML/XSLT) 
  • WinServices (complex multithread processing) 
  • Security (windows authorization, code access permissions, cryptography usage) 
  • COM Interop, PInvoke, IE, MS Office and shell integration 
  • Multithreading (synchronization, thread-safe UI, thread pooling, com interop apartments management) 
  • Serialization (custom, selective, versioning support) 
  • Deployment (web deployment, auto-upgrades) 
  • Globalization (multi-language application support) 
  • Configuration (custom section handlers) 
  • Compact Framework (Web services collaboration, SQL Server CE) 
  • Detached database processing (advanced DataSet management, caching, synchronization, automation of data access layer) 

Cloud Computing Platform

Cloud have successfully setup in major Industries like training and development, media organization, Banking, Finance, Real Estate etc. with multi tenanted SaaS Solution. 

Now a day’s majority of Industries optimizing their infrastructure for better productivity and data security. In other words we can say that cloud computing is accessing system provided through networks in place of setup infrastructure, software or data storing on a local system.

Global market of cloud computing is rapidly growing and its expected to growth over US$ 25+ Billion by the end of 2013 along with other segments of the cloud computing markets like Cloud Management Services, BaaS, SaaS, PaaS, IaaS.

From cloud computing markets segments – SaaS platform is the faster growing segments in major industries and providing solution on, 
Supply Chain Management [SCM]
Customer Relationship Management[CRM]
Content Communications and Collaboration [CCC] 
Enterprise Resource Planning [ERP]

Smartphone Website Application Development – Website On Mobile

Mobile phones have come a long way from just making & receiving calls and sending messages due to advance technology and huge expansion in communication services. The advanced website application development on mobile devices have created numerous hi-tech applications, including internet and gaming facilities that has actually turned the mobile phone into a Smartphone which is no less than a miniature size compact computer.

Android, Blackberry, Symbian, iPhone application, Windows Mobile, and J2ME are some of the most commonly available Smartphone mobile application devices. Today, designing a mobile version of a website has in many ways become similar to creating websites on computers. Due to advanced website application development many new techniques have been created on a mobile device, which has reduced the functionality gap. In addition, it allows the user to install more advanced applications. We can say that the mobile usage of the web is evolving and has made the Smartphone smarter.

Primarily, the definition of “Mobile Web” is the ability to access the internet from mobile device. The indisputable fact today is that as the website application develops so does the experience of a mobile user. The ability to update web applications without installing software is a key reason for its popularity. This has also opened up a new marketing and brand-building channel for marketers and organizations looking forward to interact with mobile users on a one-to-one basis. It has become the most cost-effective way to market products and services and is helping companies to move ahead of their competitors in the business. Smartphone application developers have incorporated advanced programming techniques with speedy project delivery procedures.

Further, the ability to download and work on the unique features of the operating system gives consumers an experience of adding more value to Smartphone application development. There are many ways to seek attention of users such as the ability of Smartphone’s to gather information within 60 seconds or less and easily comprehending the content available on site. Further, speed is also an essential factor. For companies targeting consumers to buy the advanced mobile devices, it’s essential that the websites for mobiles and Smartphone’s load fast. It is also important to deliver software solutions.

The future of these advanced mobile devices is very bright. It’s evident that more advanced mobile technologies will be launched in the market, which will possess more powerful processors, extensive memory, and an open operating system. The demand of these mobile devices is definitely expected to multiply to over 100 million in a couple of years.

Growing Trends of Mobile Applications and Opportunities

There was a time when using a mobile phone meant only to communicate or remain connected to family and friends. In today’s world, mobile technologies have advanced beyond recognition and the growing number of branded mobile devices has led to an exponential increase of users on a brand new level each year.

The users of new mobile applications have an access to over 1000+ online applications and the mobile manufacturers are utilizing this opportunity to develop solutions for smart information.

Basically, mobile application development is the process by which application software is developed for mobile phones, which are either pre-installed on phones during manufacture, or downloaded by customers from various mobile software distribution platforms. Today, mostly all mobile applications have an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) platform, which the developer utilizes to write, test, and deploy applications.

The best part is that Mobile applications development can be utilized for business related purpose. It is not just a development process but also a means to increase the productivity of the mobile device. The developed applications help in performing certain functions that are necessary for the business, including getting connected to clients. Over the years, mobile and internet technologies have successfully expanded their network throughout the world and have started playing an important role in our day-to-day lives.

Presently, mobile phone devices offer multipurpose functions through their various types of applications, which fulfill the needs of all individuals according to their needs. The usage of smart phones and devices such as iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Symbian, and Android based phones can be a powerful marketing tool for every business, from the large retail corporation to the local Small Businesses. For gaming and personal entertainment purpose also the multipurpose mobile devices are giving users a value for their money and other requirement.

Everything has its fair share of challenges, including the selection of proper development platform for the mobile application development for customers and building an application to support scalability that can be installed in a wide range of current and future target devices, making the potential customer base for the application significantly larger.

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Reasons behind popularity of open source language for PHP Web Application Development

PHP is the one of the latest open source scripting language today, used extensively by PHP developers across the world to design & developed PHP websites. The main reason being that it is very flexible, no license cost, easy to operate, and is an open source solution, thus enhancing popularity among PHP web developers.

PHP as an open source language has gained more popularity from PHP developers and PHP programmers because of its more interactive approach than HTML. Not only it is very fast, secure, economical, and efficiently manages the data but PHP codes can also be incorporated very easily. Moreover, another reason behind its popularity is that a web developer can download it free of cost and customize it according to the project requirements. Several business owners and big corporate are attracted towards PHP custom web application development due to its easy availability and flexible terms and conditions.

Additionally, PHP is highly scalable, can operate over multiple web servers, and offers excellent support for various databases development, including MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server 2000, Oracle, SQLite, PostGreSQL, etc. It is also supported by database languages such as MY SQL2.0, SQL, etc. to create database tables which makes it a language of choice for web development projects in both open source and commercial environments. PHP also works well with the range of business database such as Oracle and IBM DB2.

The compatibility factor of PHP is very high and dynamic web portals can be created at a very fast pace with the help of it. It is also very secure and the simplicity of its design and interface makes PHP an easy language to understand. In addition, to make the web application secure from virus and spyware attacks, the security functions combined with the technical support are available worldwide. Moreover, it is available without any license value. The entire platform of PHP is independent and its language policies and terms fall under the General Public License making it open for all developers.

Further, the inclusion of unit and functional testing modules has enhanced the popularity of PHP. The reason being these modules help developers to effectively research an application and conduct testing to highlight the usage of application. Web Programmers can also easily modify the PHP coding as per their requirements with many forums and groups to discuss errors that creep in at the time of development. It helps developers to use the same style and standard as the framework for their coding. To conclude, it can be said that the demand of web developers has also increased with the advent of PHP as they find it hugely compatible to create high quality web applications at a minimal cost.

Open Source PHP Web Application Development:

PHP technologies are used for website designing and development. Over the years, our team of experienced professionals helped customers to understand the benefits of PHP technologies in terms of its speed, cost reduction, and flexibility. This enabled customers to achieve substantial advantage over their competitors.

Installations, Configurations, and Customization of the following Open Sources Scripting:

  • PHP with Database – MYSQL Development, Oracle Development, Postgresql Development
  • Web Application – PHP Web Application Development, PHP Flex AIR Web Application, Facebook Application Development
  • eCommerce Development – Magento Development, osCommerce Development, Zen Cart Development, Payment Gateway Integration, Shipping Gateway integration
  • PHP Development - LAMP Development, WAMP Development, PHP Ajax Development, PHP Development Tools, PHP Development Environment
  • Bulletin Board – phpBB, vBulletin, IP Board
  • Ajax Lib - Ext JS, DoJo, jquery, Prototype
  • Frameworks- Zend Framework, Symfony Framework, Cake Framework
  • CMS Solutions – Joomla, Drupal, Typo3, Wordpress
  • Knowledge Management - Media Wiki
  • CRM - Sugar CRM
  • RAD – Smarty and Codelgnite